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"Karajata" Restaurant provides WiFi Internet connection for its clients.

What is WiFi?

WiFi is a revolutionary wireless technology that connects computers or/and connects a computer to the Internet.

With it Internet is really mobile and users have the freedom to be permanently connected in a zone (room, floor, house, bar, region) as well as in the whole world.

Get ready to surf.
The Internet connection is free.

Settings for WiFi connection

Scan for a wireless connection - select from the connections your card finds and tell your wireless to associate with it ( some cards may ask you if you are sure because it is a public net ).

In all the cases after you associate with the connection you are in the net:

  1. If your settings are automatic (you receive your IP automatically)the registration process is complete.
  2. If your settings are static (static IP) the registration process depends on whether you are with Windows 98 or with 2000/XP
  • For Win98 - My Computer > Conrol Panel > Network.
  • Right button on your wireless adapter, find TCP/IP for your wireless card and then Properties. Select obtain IP automatically and the same with the gateway menu. Register the PC and the registration process is complete.

  • For Win2000/XP - Start > All programs > Accessories > Communication > Network connections.
  • Right button on your wireless adapter > Properties. Select Internet protocol TCP/IP > Properties and then obtain an IP address automatically and the same with the DNS. Click OK and the registration process is complete.